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Friday, January 26, 2007


A student's view of the L-S tragedy

Earlier in the year, when there was a school shooting in Pennsylvania, I mourned for the loss of lives, but firmly believed that our own school was a thousand times more secure. Although I still stand by that conviction, the tragedy at Lincoln-Sudbury High School hits too close to home — literally. Many students at CCHS know and care about people at L-S. We play their teams in sports; we take SAT classes with some of them; when we have a snow day, odds are they got hit by the same weather.

The reality of school violence is sharp and clear when it involves names we can connect to our own lives. Friday night, in an online article about the stabbing, I read an interview the Boston Herald had with Zac Vennard, a junior at L-S. Reading his name, the situation came crashing down on my head: I know Zac. We're not best pals and we don't always talk (I had forgotten he even went to L-S) but I knew him, and he had been there. One of his classmates had died.

Through connections like this, the shock and sadness L-S is suffering is felt in part at CCHS. The devastation of what happened brings them closer together, and at our school, it makes us care more about the people we don't know and see them in a different light. The students of CCHS send their prayers to both the Alenson and the Odgren family, and to the L-S community.

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