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Friday, January 19, 2007


Potential agreement has been reached between the Conservation Commission (ConsCom) and three other parties seeking to remedy a violation of both the Rules and Regulations for Carlisle Conservation Lands and the terms of a Conservation Restriction (CR #52). Most anxious to resolve the situation at ConsCom's January 10 hearing was the recipient of an official ...more

On January 8 the Planning Board held a public hearing for Chestnut Estates, a new 25-acre subdivision on Rutland Street. Engineer Peter Howe, representing the applicant, the John Raymond Brown Estate, presented three versions of their plans: ...more

The Board of Health (BOH) agreed to use stronger wording to convey their requirements to the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) regarding conditions they want the ZBA to add to the comprehensive permit being sought by Mark O'Hagan for his proposed Coventry Woods 40B development on Concord Street. ...more

Signs, surveys, steeples and cell towers were discussed at the Carlisle Historical Commission meeting on January 9. ...more

Chestnut Estates on Rutland Street. The ConsCom got its first look at a map delineating the wetlands that will fall under their jurisdiction in the proposed 25-acre Chestnut Estates Conservation Cluster on Rutland Street. An Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation (ANRAD) was filed by applicant Richard P. Howe, trustee of the John Raymond ...more

Last Tuesday the Board of Selectmen reviewed the budgets that five town departments are preparing to present to the Finance Committee (FinCom) in the weeks ahead. Most departments face a common problem: more personnel time is needed to serve the town's citizens, and personnel costs exceed the modest increases permitted by the FinCom's FY08 budget guideline. ...more

Facing its first night of budget reviews for Fiscal Year 2008, the Finance Committee (FinCom) on January 9 received resistance at the starting gate on its 2.9% guideline increase issued in the fall. Martha Bedrosian, chair of the Board of Health (BOH), challenged priorities that allow substantial salary increases for some town employees while chipping away ...more

At the Finance Committee meeting on January 9, Planning Board Administrator George Mansfield reported, "We're surprised to be seeing more activity than we've seen in the last five years." He noted wireless applications and "a large subdivision" are expected to contribute to fees of $31,800 versus $9,615 collected in FY06. The FY07 year ...more

Registration required

Open burning season starts January 15 and ends on May 1. All landowners must register with the Fire Department before a permit can be issued. Residents must go to the communications center at the police station, 41 Lowell Street to register. Once registered, landowners must still call, 1-978-369-1442, on each day burning is planned, to obtain a ...more

Town Hall 7:30 p.m.

7:30 Minutes, bills, budget, ...more

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