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Friday, January 19, 2007


Did you know that:

• Beaver dams are more protected than beavers themselves? The fine for breaching a beaver dam without a permit can be up to $25,000 per day.

• Beavers show affection and mate for life.

• They have hand-like forepaws and eat the bark off of sticks like we would eat an ear of corn.

• In the 1970s a woman turned one of her bedrooms into ...more

The Beede Community Swim & Fitness Center, across the driveway from the Concord-Carlisle High School, has been open for about nine months. It is a social place, bringing the Concord and Carlisle communities together, with over 5,300 members ranging in age from babies to senior citizens; 687, about 13%, are from Carlisle. According to Fitness Director Jan ...more

While walking around the edge of a cornfield at Great Brook Farm State Park, I noticed a Downy Woodpecker pecking at a cut-off corn stalk. This bird was a male, since it had a small patch of red at the back of its head. The bird would peck at the stalk for a while, and then move on to another. I could not tell what it was getting, but its behavior intrigued ...more

Our native trees exist in a delicate balance; small changes in the environment can cause huge changes in the forest composition. Unlike in a garden setting, forest plants need to not only survive, but without the advantage of a gardener's weeding around them they also need to compete successfully for water, light and nutrients. As conditions change, plants ...more

The Gleason Library is happy to introduce four new staff members who regularly meet the Carlisle public and seem to be enjoying their new roles. ...more

Grade 12

High Honors

Anderson, Pamela ...more

"You have to have a sensibility to the fact that the world outside this community is in need," Ed Cordoza, director of development for Partners in Health, impressed upon everyone at the First Parish Church in Concord on the night of January 12. A lot of people there were already working to make a difference. ...more

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