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Friday, January 19, 2007


Shorts from the Historical Commission, January 9

Signs, surveys, steeples and cell towers were discussed at the Carlisle Historical Commission meeting on January 9.

Center Park sign. Sabrina Perry appeared before the commission on behalf of Center Park. A complaint by a resident had been voiced in November regarding the sign on Lowell Street in front of Center Park, which was supposedly "temporary." The complaint was brought to the Selectmen's attention. Perry believed the sign could remain in place until renovation of the park was completed and a permanent sign was installed at the entrance. Calling the status of the current sign a "misunderstanding," the commission approved the temporary sign until June 1, after which it will be removed. Perry believes that construction of the park will be completed by then.

Honor Rolls on Town Common. Alan Cameron, Jack O'Connor and Sylvia Sillers (who recused herself from the commission) represented the Town Common Committee and came to solicit the Historical Commission's support for "sprucing up the sign boxes" that hold the town's Honor Roll of war veterans. A landscape design was presented that proposes to change the layout of the two current Honor Rolls, among other changes to the Common. Commission members were unanimous in their recommendation that any changes "preserve the integrity and simplicity of the memorials." If Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds are pursued under the historic preservation provision by the Town Common Committee, Larry Sorli pointed out that restoring the sign boxes would be acceptable, but a new landscape design would be outside the purview of the commission. Members of the Commission agreed to support the Town Common Committee in their application for CPA funding for design and development of the War Memorial area, with emphasis on historic preservation.

Survey of Native American features. Carlisle resident Tim Fohl requested the commission's support for CPA funding to complete a town archaeological survey of Indian memorial sites in Carlisle. The commission supported Fohl's request.

Telecom facility in FRS steeple. The Historical Commission was asked by EBI Consulting to comment on a plan to install a telecom facility (cell tower) in the steeple of the First Religious Society. Accompanying the letter from EBI was a proposal to site a Sprint facility there. T-Mobile is also expected to install a facility there but has not submitted a proposal. The church is negotiating the lease. The Historical Commission's purview is the appearance of the steeple following the installation. Sprint's proposal specified that shingles on the steeple would be replaced with look-alike fiberglass shingles. Commission chair Sylvia Sillers will respond to EBI that the commission prefers to review the Sprint and T-Mobile proposals at the same time.

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