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Friday, January 12, 2007


Like the Alcotts and Emersons of the past, Katherine Endicott and Leslie Thomas are planning their own rural Utopia where organic methods, energy independence, wildlife promotion and land conservation will reign. The 14-acre Prospect Farm, which until recently boarded horses, will be transformed into an enterprise of free-range goats, chickens, ducks and bees, ...more

Under a gray, sunless sky, with no wind, temperatures just below freezing, and no snow cover, 13 birders fanned out over southern Carlisle on Saturday morning, December 30, for the annual Christmas Bird Count. In the afternoon, the first snow of the season left a familiar white blanket. This was the 34th consecutive year of the count in Carlisle and the 107th ...more

With the new year upon us, perhaps you will consider some New Year's resolutions for your furry friend. ...more

Does this sound familiar? You open up the festively festooned box from Aunt Tilly and unwrap the winsome gnome she picked up while crossing the Alps and whose face, she has written in her Christmas card, reminds her of you. Never mind what that says about your looks; after thinking, "What will I ever do with this?," your next thought is, "Susan ...more

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