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Friday, January 12, 2007


Shorts from the Carlisle School Committee, January 3

School boiler replacement. Carlisle School Business Manager Heidi Zimmerman reported the first phase of the school boiler replacement project is completed. "We have a boiler, it is up and running," she announced. The second boiler will be installed around February vacation week, she added. Construction on the second boiler replacement will begin after students have left the school for the day, just before the vacation. The process "is going smoothly," she said. CSC Chair Nicole Burkel asked if the weather is helping with energy costs and Zimmerman agreed that costs are being helped by the unseasonable warmth. CSC member Christy Barbee reported that a small correction to the front of the Wastewater Treatment Facility is being done by the engineers to close a gap that might allow a red squirrel to enter.

New hires. Middle School Principal Paul Graseck reported two long-term substitutes have been hired to cover for two teachers, eighth-grade teacher Marcella Pixley and fifth-grade teacher Jen Reinhard, who will be on maternity leave.

Elementary School Principal Patrice Hurley said she is almost finished with the interview process for a long-term substitute for a fourth-grade teacher, who is also leaving on maternity leave. Burkel asked if there were procedures in place to measure the success of the teacher transitions. Hurley replied they will send letters to parents informing them of the new hires, and will have some times set up for parents to meet the new teachers.

Director of Student Services Karen Slack has hired a replacement for eighth-grade aide Nancy Feld, who has shifted to an elementary reading support position. The new hire is "one course short of her Special Education certification," she added. A new English language learner teacher has been hired for one half-day a week to work with a Russian-speaking Kindergartner, she said. The student also has a full-time translator.

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