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Friday, January 12, 2007


Greenough buildings need help

Selectman John Williams reported on December 19 that he had taken a tour of the Greenough house and barn on Maple Street on December 1 with members of the Land Stewardship Committee. He concluded, "We clearly have an immediate safety problem there that requires boarding it up and turning off the electricity. Someone could get hurt." Brian Larson of the Planning Board agreed, "Every window in both buildings is broken out. Any ten-year-old could climb in where there are numerous hazards."

The house and barn, which are town-owned, are currently unoccupied. Williams asked the Housing Authority to examine whether the buildings could become affordable housing. "The house is in disrepair," said Williams. "But the barn has possibilities. It's an attractive building with grand beams."

It was suggested that in the short term the DPW be asked to do what needs to be done to secure the buildings. In the longer term, chair Doug Stevenson noted the deadline for requests for CPA funds for FY07 is in late January, and wondered if a committee could pull a recommendation together in time to make the deadline. "There've been a number of Greenough subcommittees and attempts to get something done, to no avail," he said, and another year would be lost if the deadline passes. He suggested more research be done and a report made at a meeting in January.

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