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Friday, January 12, 2007


Shorts from the BOH, January 2

89 Davis Road. At their January 2 meeting, the Carlisle Board of Health (BOH) approved a five-bedroom septic deed restriction for a home on 89 Davis Road. The property is in the process of being sold and there was a question as to whether a finished media room in the basement would cause the room count to exceed the number of bedrooms allowed with the existing five-bedroom septic system. The deed restriction approved by the board will limit the number of bedrooms allowed in the home to five, based on the current septic capacity.

83 McAllister Way. The BOH approved a septic system upgrade using Innovative Alternative (I/A) Technology on 83 McAllister Way.* Because the technology is so new, the board has asked that all applications for I/A systems come before the board for review. A Cultec system is being used in this septic upgrade.

Supplemental Regulations revisions. BOH members began their informal review of the Carlisle Supplementary Sewage Disposal Regulations, in response to the state's changes in Title 5 that went into effect in September 2006. The board will have a working session on the regulations during the next several meetings in order to make the Carlisle regulations more consistent with the new Title 5. Upon completion of their revisions, the BOH will hold a public hearing, which will probably take place in March, according to Chair Martha Bedrosian.

Coventry Woods. The board decided to review water and septic issues related to the proposed 40B development on Concord Street at their next meeting on January 16, before the ZBA resumes its hearing on the project on January 29.

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