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Friday, January 12, 2007


Superintendent Doyle offered three more years

Carlisle School Committee Chair Nicole Burkel announced the decision to renew the contract of Carlisle School Superintendent Marie Doyle at the December 20 School Committee (CSC) meeting. The CSC met three times in closed-door, executive sessions "for the past couple of weeks," Burkel explained, discussing Doyle's contract renewal. Burkel, reached later for comment, said it was a "lengthy deliberation." Two votes were taken, the first to renew her contract, which passed, and the second to renew her contract for three years, which also passed. Both votes were split three-to-two with committee members Burkel, Christie Barbee and Wendell Sykes voting "yes" on both decisions, while "no" votes were cast by Chad Koski and Michael Fitzgerald.

Details of the new contract are still being negotiated, Burkel confirmed on January 5. Since the board has approved the renewal of Doyle's contract, Burkel explained, there isn't a time pressure to complete the negotiations. Under the terms of the current contract which expires June 30, if the CSC had not notified the superintendent of their intentions by January 1, her contract would have renewed automatically for one year.

Doyle has been superintendent of the Carlisle School since 2004.

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