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Friday, December 22, 2006


Selectmen list goals for FY07

Before the All Boards Meeting on December 12, the Selectmen gave an overview of their goals and objectives for the year. Five "high priority goals" were set for FY07, ending June 30, 2007, along with 14 of "medium priority."

High Priority Goals

Financial planning

Tim Hult provided an update on the Long-term Capital Planning Group, which is developing a model for analyzing upcoming large capital projects. "We're making good progress. The model is pretty robust right now." He noted the group has collected "what we think is a pretty comprehensive list of potential projects" totaling about $150 million Carlisle dollars. The next step will be to prioritize these and look at optimal timing. The group is projecting household income going forward with the goal of keeping the tax rate at a level percentage. The group will then analyze trade-offs and make recommendations.


Doug Stevenson noted better communication "to improve the effectiveness of town boards and departments" is a major goal next year. The BOS will continue the wage and classification and employee appreciation initiatives. Breakfasts will be scheduled to keep the communication lines open. The goal will be that "everybody feels like their hours and efforts are put to good use."

Recreation facility plan

Stevenson noted the recreation facility plan was set as a goal before Town Meeting defeated the Banta-Davis plan. "Clearly this fall the town wasn't ready," he said. The Recreation Committee has not yet decided on a plan going forward.

Affordable housing

John Williams noted progress, including a new assistant town administrator providing support for the Zoning Board of Appeals and coordination of the Housing Trust. An Accessory Apartment bylaw is in place with local preference on filling slots. The Benfield project is moving ahead with a new location for the affordable housing approved at Town Meeting. The Coventry Woods 40B hearing should conclude within the next month or two, with a comprehensive permit in early 2007.

Emergency planning

Doug Stevenson said primary goals will be providing a shelter and developing the ability to "look after ourselves the first 48 to 72 hours" of an emergency. The committee will coordinate with the Board of Health, which has responsibility for a medical emergency such as a flu epidemic.

Medium Priorities

• Cell towers on town-owned land

• Tax relief for seniors, low income, and long-time residents

• An all-inclusive technology plan which includes information security, backup, and maintenance, as well as upkeep of the town web site. David Freedman of the Planning Board asked that the committees be solicited for input.

•Volunteer participation, including finding limited projects with smaller time commitments

• Improvements to the Town Center, including the Town Common, Center Park, and burying of wires

• Pathways plan to finish main arteries. Deb Belanger of the Bike and Pedestrian Safety Committee noted additional money will be requested at Spring Town Meeting.

• Support Land Use team

• Develop a plan for Town Hall space, which is at capacity, and also look at staffing.

• Form a Town Building Committee to provide permanent oversight of building projects, property management and maintenance.

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