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Friday, December 22, 2006


New tax rate is $11.96

Carlisle's new tax rate of $11.96 per $1,000 of property value was approved by the Board of Selectmen on December 19. The tax rate was lowered in response to newly increased real estate valuations to insure the total amount raised in taxation does not exceed the amount authorized by Town Meeting.

The recently completed property reassessment went "smoothly" with "not many applications for abatements," reported Jim Marchant of the Board of Assessors to the All Boards Meeting on December 12. A reassessment of property values takes place every three years and is required by Massachusetts law.

Marchant said the new tax rate was down $1 from the old rate of $12.99. The average assessment was up 12%, but the average tax bill rose only 3%. The average tax bill is now $9,832 from $9,587 last year. Average home value rose to $822,100 from $738,100, and land value went from $348,500 last year to $435,600.

Marchant noted the BOA is looking into contesting the value put on state-owned lands such as Great Brook Farm. Currently the state reimburses taxes lost on these lands at a low rate. This has been contested in other towns "with some success."

Regarding other forms of tax relief, Marchant said "exemptions are limited." He added, "Unless the legislature makes changes," the town is "at maximum" in taking advantage of every available possibility for senior and low-income tax relief.

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