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Friday, December 15, 2006


This evening, December 15, is the beginning of the holiday of Hanukkah and the opportunity it gives us to celebrate Jewish identity and religious freedom. The context of the story of the Maccabees, 165 to160 B.C.E. (before the common era), is not unlike our own. In those days, there were a variety of ideas about what constituted Jewish identity. There were ...more

Christmas cookies

Some of my friends who wouldn't think of making cookies, cakes and breads during most of the year get inspired in the kitchen in December. For the first time since last holiday season, their grocery baskets fill up with flour, butter and sugar. To me, a basket or a plate of home-baked goodies is a wonderful present! ...more

Crust: ...more

Christmas time advertisements often picture a happy family with a bright eyed, ribbon adorned puppy licking the children's faces. But, is giving a pet as a gift likely to create a winter wonderland or a potential blue Christmas? ...more

Artists Gail Erwin, Rob Diebboll and Sarah Jeppson, whose works are now on display at the Gleason Public Library, have one primary thing in common: they all work out of the ArtSpace in Maynard, home to about 65 artists. ...more

A small group of hardy townspeople turned out for the agricultural burn at the community garden plots at Foss Farm on Saturday, December 9. The burn was conducted to control weeds, mildew and fungus that had proliferated during the unusually wet summer. Although the fire occasionally looked as though it might get away, it was successfully contained. The day ...more

A decade ago, at age six, I was planning on being president of the United States. I even had a shirt proclaiming "Future President" that I wore proudly. The most important part of this dream was how I was going to get there — by going to Harvard University. From the moment I saw the school's gates in Cambridge, all I could dream about was myself ...more

If you're cleaning out closets and shelves to make room for all the Christmas loot that will soon find its way to your house, consider donating some of your clean, useable items to local charities who need your help. Some organizations that need donations at this time of year are: ...more

Name.Xanthoparmelia conspersa is the scientific name for the peppered rock-shield lichen. Most of the 51 species of Xanthoparmelia in North America grow on rocks and are collectively referred to as rock-shields but there are some renegades in the genus that prefer soil and some true vagrants like the tumbleweed shield ...more

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