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Friday, December 15, 2006


PE and health at Carlisle School

Physical Education (PE) and Health teacher Margaret Heigl described her new position as Athletic Director (AD) at the December 6 meeting of the Carlisle School Committee. Her duties as AD include scheduling sports, ordering equipment and uniforms, and collaboration with administration, parents, coaches, nursing staff, and the business office. She said the PE department decided to not add any new programs this year "because of it being a transitional year."

Team sports

Interscholastic sports offered this fall were cross country, girls and boys soccer and field hockey. The schedule for winter interscholastic sports includes boys and girls basketball, girls and boys "B" team basketball and boys sixth grade team basketball. The"B" teams, similar to junior varsity teams, allow students to "continue refining and developing skills in practice as well as in game settings," Heigl explained in a later e-mail. The "B" teams play fewer games than the interscholastic teams, which play against many other schools.

The intramural program does not play against other schools, but instead focuses on developing skills. Intramural sports offered in the fall were wall climbing and basketball. Special Education tutor Jon Willard, is pursuing a grant to offer a snowshoe program after school.

In the spring the PE department will be offering interscholastic softball, baseball, and "B" softball/baseball as needed, and intramural tumbling and floor hockey. Student tryouts for spring team sports will be held toward the end of March.

Basketball assessment

New PE teacher, Dan Hunt, described a pilot program in basketball aimed at improving skills and allowing a statistical analysis of the improvements. Third graders were tested before and after lessons based on three skills: dribbling, passing, and shooting. After collecting the results he created a graph showing the progress students made. All skill levels increased, with the most dramatic improvement seen in dribbling. Hunt is also the Head Coach of Women's Basketball at Lesley University. The college team plays games every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, with practices each night.

Nutrition, weight loss

Carlisle School Committee member Michael Fitzgerald expressed concerns about students' eating habits. School nurse, Kathy Horan, replied she stresses healthy eating and has published a list of healthy snacks. Fitzgerald asked if students are monitored for extreme weight loss. Heigl said she "keeps an eye on the kids" to see if there has been a drastic change in body shape and if so, will speak with Horan. Horan said she would contact the parents if there is a concern. In the health classes they discuss dieting, and stress healthy eating and exercise instead of focusing on losing weight.

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