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Friday, December 15, 2006

A request for accuracy

To the Editor:

Last week's edition of the Mosquito carried a report "Shorts from the Board of Selectmen, November 28." The first item, titled "Ferns food inspection" reported comments made at the meeting by Ms. Martha Bedrosian, chairman, Board of Health regarding our pending Common Victualer's License issued annually by the Selectmen. In her comments Martha noted that "the store failed a food inspection and some issues have been taken care of, others not." The report went on to say that "The BOH had not had a chance to discuss, but a timeline to remedy the issues will likely be suggested."

For the record, our health inspector visited Ferns on November 16 and cited us with a couple of "issues." Our inspector asked us to resolve some immediately, which we did, and have the balance resolved the next day. Our inspector returned the next day (November 17) and signed off on the outstanding issues and proceeded to conduct a full inspection while on the premises. Several non-critical issues were noted and we were directed to have those corrected ten days later, on November 27. A re-inspection on the 27th resulted in a sign-off on those issues as well.

At the Board of Selectmen's meeting on the following night (November 28), approximately 30 hours after our follow-up inspection, Martha's statements about the incorrect and misleading status of our issues were aired in a public meeting, televised to our community and subsequently reported in our newspaper. We believe that it is in everyone's best interest that if statements are made by public officials, they should be accurate and current.

Robin and I endeavor to provide a healthy and safe environment for our staff and customers. We take our work seriously and without question have always cooperated fully with our Board of Health. As we approach our third anniversary of owning the store, we look forward to continuing the positive relationship we believe we have established with the Board and look forward to the granting of our annual Food Permit.

Larry A. Bearfield
Ferns Country Store

Solstice viewing in Carlisle

To the Editor:

The Land Stewardship Committee of the Carlisle Conservation Commission wants to raise awareness and appreciation of the conservation lands in Carlisle by highlighting features of selected properties, particularly at times of the year when something special is occurring on the property.

At this time of the year the sun travels across the sky on its lowest path, a phenomenon we call the winter solstice. For countless centuries in many places in the world people have watched the course of the sun anxiously and carried out ceremonies celebrating the end of the time of increasing darkness. We have our own holiday season at this time.

There is a relic of ancient solstice ceremonies on the Towle property. Some people in the past have created a turtle effigy by moving part of a large rock to form a head facing the sunrise on solstice morning. To be there at dawn is an enchanting experience as the dawn light suffuses a natural amphitheater.

With the trees cleared you would see the sun rise over a hill thirteen miles away in Lexington. This area also has massive ceremonial structures. It seems to be part of a path of solstice-aligned ceremonial areas that extends at least as far as Mt. Monadnock, over fifty miles away in New Hampshire and passes through the Towle land.

To find the turtle and visit it, especially at dawn during the solstice time of the year, is a wonderful experience. Here are some hints on finding it. Follow the path that runs downhill from the eastern end of the parking area for about 250 feet. Turn left at a large pointy stone in the path and go through the woods past a spring a few feet from the trail to an opening in a stone wall. Just past the wall there is a small grove of baby pines. On the other side of the pines there is a hollow with a very large rock at the bottom. Go to the rock and walk to the far side. It's the turtle!

Tim Fohl
South Street
Land Stewardship Committee

Thanks from the Carlisle Parents Connection

To the Editor:

The CPC would like to thank all who shared in the Holiday Potluck luncheon. There was delicious food, crafts with Laura Araujo from Abrakadoodle and a very special visit from Santa. The CPC would especially like to thank Nancy Szczesniak for hosting the event at her home. A good time was had by all.

Lisa Chaffin
East Street

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