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Friday, December 8, 2006


Shorts from the Historical Commission, November 28

· Signage. "Confusing, old, misleading" were some of the terms used by the Carlisle Historical Commission to describe the brown signs in the center that supposedly guide visitors to Great Brook Farm State Park. Alternate commissioner Larry Bearfield, co-owner of Ferns, reported that, "People always come into the store asking for directions to the State Park." At the commission's meeting on Tuesday, November 28, the signs and their placement were discussed when Catherine Garcia and Melissa Marteney, representing the State Park, appeared to hear suggestions on making the signs more helpful to confused drivers.

After a brief discussion, the commissioners and the State Park representatives agreed that the two existing signs on Concord Street and Bedford Road would be replaced by one sign in the rotary, visible to traffic on both sides. The sign will remain brown, the recognized color for all state parks, will be no more than eight inches high, and will read simply, "State Park, Left at Rotary."

· 21-23 Bedford Road. In a continued hearing, Laura Chelton returned to the Historical Commission with further details on the extensive renovation of the Cheltons' large, historic house in the center. She presented drawings of new windows to be installed in the barn, which will be converted to living space, and a simplified garage door. As other details and questions emerged during discussion, Chelton stressed the urgency of beginning repairs to the barn, which is on the verge of collapse. The commission gave their preliminary approval of those repairs, and noted that other details — such as the manufacturer of the windows, siding materials, changes to the front porch and removal of a cupola, will be presented at a later date. Commission Chair Sylvia Sillers said she would issue a certificate of appropriateness upon receipt of a full set of design development documents based on the current discussion. The hearing was declared closed.

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