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Friday, December 8, 2006


Shorts from the Board of Selectmen, November 28

· Ferns food inspection. Martha Bedrosian of the Board of Health requested that the Selectmen allow her board to weigh in on the renewal of a Common Victualler's License for Ferns. She noted the store failed a food inspection and "some issues have been taken care of, others not." The BOH had not had a chance to discuss, but a timeline to remedy the issues will likely be suggested. The license must be renewed by the end of the year if Ferns is to continue selling food. The renewal will be discussed at a meeting December 19.

· Utility pole. A telephone pole on Cross Street is in the way of the new entry to Greystone Crossing. The board voted to have Verizon and Massachusetts Electric take out the pole and install two new ones, one 50 feet north of the current Pole 29 and one 45 feet south.

· Political signs. A letter has been drafted and is being reviewed regarding the placement and size of political signs. When approved, it will be sent to both the Republican and Democratic Town Committees. The intent is to reach agreement without a bylaw change.

· Local receipts drop. Local receipts are down for the first time in several years. Both building permits and automobile excise receipts are running behind last year. According to Finance Director Larry Barton, "It's not a major cause for concern, but this is the first year we're tracking behind."

· Budget planning. Finance Committee (FinCom) Chair Thornton Ash reported a meeting with boards and committees on the new guideline for FY08 "went smoothly." The guideline allows only a 2.9% increase over last year. The FinCom will start hearings in January and is focusing on analysis of revolving funds and understanding the drivers behind budget needs. Several committees are requesting expanded hours, including the Recreation Commission, Council on Aging, and Board of Health. There is a gap of $360,000 between the guideline for the Carlisle School and what the school believes it needs to maintain level service. Coordination with the Concord FinCom and CCHS is going "reasonably well" with a gap of about $50,000 between Concord and Carlisle's recommendation, "within the noise level given the magnitude of the numbers," said Ash.

· CPA funding requests. A memo is being sent to all boards and committees soliciting their requests for Community Preservation Act funds. The deadline for submission is January 31. The CPA committee will review the requests in preparation for Spring Town Meeting.

· Center Park. It was noted the Historical Commission has some issues with the Center Park sign. The sign is temporary and will be taken down in a few months. The Center Park campaign is doing very well, according to Doug Stevenson.

· Appointments and resignations. There were two appointments to the Cultural Council: Claudia Veitch and Seema Peterson, both serving until June 30, 2008. The resignation of Carolyn Copp was accepted with thanks.

Carol Nathan was appointed to the Conservation Restriction Advisory Committee for a one-year term to replace Gordon Means.

· Volunteers needed. There are many vacancies on town committees, including Personnel; Long-Term Capital Requirements; Trails; Bike and Pedestrian Safety; Youth Commission; and Conservation Restriction Advisory Committee. It was noted the Personnel and LTC Committees need to be up to strength soon in anticipation of the report by the special committee on the town's long-term capital plan.

· Future meetings. The Selectmen's meeting for December 26 was rescheduled to December 19. The All- Boards meeting will be December 12.

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