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Friday, December 8, 2006


Town Administrator's performance review completed

The Selectmen reviewed and signed the final draft of Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie's performance review on December 5, with a minimum of discussion. A number of Town Hall employees and town board members were present in the audience, but no questions were posed or solicited from the floor.

As reported last week (Mosquito, December 1, page 1), McKenzie's overall performance was rated "Good," which is defined as "performance beyond what is expected of the position." She achieved high scores in many areas, including resourcefulness, creativity, work habits and resource management. Communications skills are "generally a strong point, especially at public meetings," but the review also states, "must improve Town Hall communications with the intent of improving overall interdepartmental relations, which are strained at times."

Selectman Alan Carpenito emphasized that he would like to see some team-building workshops to be held at Town Hall in the coming year.

"This was the most comprehensive review ever," summarized Chair Doug Stevenson, referring to input that the Selectmen had received from others. Addressing McKenzie he said, "We have heard the concern about morale at Town Hall, but the concerns should not overshadow the many successes that we have had with you at the helm .... We are willing to work with you and others."

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