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Friday, December 1, 2006


Carlisle has a huge variety of habitats that support an abundance of wildlife. Too often we forget to get out and experience nature's bounty. We even complain at times about how much nature we have. Luckily, we don't have to go any further than outside our front doors, in the backyard, the attic, cellar, or just open the door to the pantry and follow ...more

Carlisle resident Sarah Rolph has been involved in communications and writing for more than 30 years and recently published her first book, The A1 Diner: Real Food, Recipes and Recollections. ...more

My son Tim was gazing out over our backyard when his eyes fell on the bird feeder swinging from a nearby oak branch. "Mom, remember that time we put birdseed in our bird feeder?" he asked dreamily. ...more

Name. The American Tree Sparrow is Spizella arborea. This name is not the best fit, since Spizella means finch and arborea is derived from the Latin word for tree and the bird is in a different family from the finches and it is not a forest bird — it prefers open areas with low growth and few trees. Its common ...more

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