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Friday, November 24, 2006

Fond memories of Carlisle

To the Editor:

It's been 23 years since I moved to Carlisle, recently widowed, with my youngest child just off to college. I was taken in hand by two wonderful landladies, "Pete" Morse and Doreen Young, who rented me their East Street cottage and encouraged me in my new independence.They were fabulous, welcoming landladies, forgiving of the overcrowding of the cottage when it overflowed with my kids and their friends. Across the street was Sophie Foss, a great movie companion who thought my children could do no wrong.

My next fairy godmother was Carolyn Shohet who used to give wonderful cooking lessons and one day was excited because they'd just bought sixteen acres off Bedford Road. When I told her how lucky she was, she told me of another five acres so I got lucky too. The architect friend I'd worked with before said, yes, he'd build me a house on a small amount of money, but I'd have to come once a week to argue with him about it. Living on the farm with llamas on one side and cattle and sheep on the other was always interesting. I looked out to see coyote, deer, geese and a grand variety of birds.

I started volunteering with the Carlisle Conservation Commission and that turned into a job. It was pleasureable to see some land being conserved, not completely developed. Volunteering in Carlisle has been an education in itself. Meeting with other people who had the same interests and tastes was a good way of getting started in town. I thoroughly enjoyed walking with the Trails Committee and felt proud that some of the natural woods and fields would be there for our children. I'll never forget seeing my first eagle flying over Clark's pasture.

Now, I've come full circle and moved

back to Concord. It's a short walk to the post office and I enjoy not driving. But I miss the small townness of Carlisle — I don't know who's who at the Concord Post Office, and it's a big and diverse enough town so I probably never will. I'm glad I can still hear a church bell chime and that there is a tree right outside my window. It's a new world and an interesting one, but I know I'll be back to see my old friends in Carlisle.

Eunice Knight

2006 The Carlisle Mosquito