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Friday, November 17, 2006


Near the entrance to Rachel "Pagey" Elliott's home on River Road stands a tall pole crowded with narrow, wooden signs shaped like arrows, pointing in all directions. Painted brown with white lettering, the arrows are reminiscent of the type of signs found along hiking trails, showing the name of and distance to various destinations. The arrows point ...more

"What spices should I buy?" she asked. ...more

Camelot has come to Carlisle in an effervescent production that pairs the stellar musicality of the Savoyard Light Opera Company (SLOC) with the gorgeous lyrics and score of Lerner and Loewe. Carlisle's own Tedford Armistead portrays a King Arthur whose voice is eloquent, whether he is wooing a young Queen Guenevere or watching his dream of a united ...more

On September 30, my wife D'Ann and I walked the Greenough Land trail that starts just north of the Maple Street bridge and continues to Greenough Pond. On the way back, D'Ann noticed a small snake, dead along the side of the road near the trail entrance. The snake was about 14 inches long, and about 3/8 inch wide at its maximum width. It was brown above with ...more

The following news items appeared in the Mosquito during November of 1986: ...more

During November, 1996, the following things were happening around town: ...more

How is it a poem ...more

Recent bear sightings show activity all across town. ...more

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