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Friday, November 17, 2006


Shorts from the Board of Selectmen, November 14

The Center Park Gift Fund was established by the Selectmen with a unanimous vote. So far, $12,000 has been received to support improvements to this small park on Lowell Street. The Selectmen also voted to establish a Center Park oversight committee consisting of Selectman Tim Hult, Sabrina Perry and DPW chief Gary Davis.

Wage increases. The Personnel Board will be meeting this week to formulate recommendations for wage increases. The town is also investigating alternatives to the current dental plan which offers limited coverage and is 100% employee paid. It was decided to have Finance Director Larry Barton report on town benefits at the next meeting, November 28.

New contract. The Selectmen approved a new three-year contract for Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie. Details will be provided in a future issue.

CCTV. Selectman Bill Tice reported that CCTV has purchased a remote studio — a laptop computer with robotic camera and two remote cameras. Its portability will allow wider coverage of meetings and events. In addition, CCTV has hired a new head and is looking for volunteers and an operations person.

Rail Trail. Alan Cameron, Carlisle representative to the Friends of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail, said that three bids were submitted and an engineer has been chosen for the Carlisle portion. For $17,500, Greeman Peterson, Inc. will develop a plan for the DPW to implement, take the plan through board approvals, and provide a detailed cost estimate. It is believed the same engineer will be chosen by Acton and Westford, although it was noted that under procurement laws, the towns could not consider that factor in the decision.

Election signs too big. Tim Hult noted some political signs were "really big bordering on distractions in the roadway." He proposed some limits on size and placement. Doug Stevenson, a step ahead, had already checked the town bylaws, and found that sign restrictions exclude political signs. Noting that members of both the Democratic and Republican Town Committees are represented on the BOS, Stevenson agreed this could be settled amicably, and suggested a letter be sent. Hult agreed to draft something for future review.

Tree lighting. Ferns has taken over the tree lighting on the Town Common this year, and requested a date of Tuesday, December 5, from 5:45 to 6:30 p.m. as providing "an opening in Santa's busy schedule." Knowing how busy the guy is this time of year, the Selectmen approved.

An All-Boards Meeting was scheduled for December 12. Refreshments will be served. Doug Stevenson noted this will provide an opportunity to "get the big ship hopefully pointed in the right direction."

Request for license to sell cars considered. According to McKenzie, a request for a Class 2 license to sell cars as a secondary business has been requested by "two individuals" who plan to buy used cars and ship them directly to buyers so that no cars will be on the Carlisle premises. Carlisle has issued this kind of license before. The Lemon Law requires a $25,000 bond be posted. The Selectmen considered the proposal, and whether there were any possible worm cans that could be opened. For example, would approving the license authorize the establishment of a repair facility? McKenzie said that would be a change of usage and would trigger the need for a special permit. Just to be sure, it was suggested a stipulation be added that the licensees come back before the BOS with any changes to the business plan.

Utility poles. Several utility poles will be moved in the next weeks, including one on Brook Street which could obstruct fire equipment in an emergency. As Carlisle is requesting the move, the town will have to pay for it. No estimate was given other than Tim Hult's guess that, "It's probably more than we want it to be."

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