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Friday, November 17, 2006

The health of Carlisle's goddess of liberty

To the Editor:

I am very thankful to have as a landmark at the rotary our statue of the Goddess of Liberty. I proudly use this when I give directions to friends coming to visit us. Once they find their way through the winding road, I am greeted by them saying, "You called that the downtown? If I winked, I would have missed it."

All jokes aside, my kids and I have been concerned lately seeing mold growing on the statue. So I am asking my fellow Carlisleans to join me in a pursuit to make this statue look great again. I have no concrete plans — just a desire to take action. I want to hear from folks who may either have background in restoration and/or capacity to contribute financially. Can we do something about this in an environmental friendly way? If you would like to help with this project, please contact me at my e-mail address: Looking forward to your support.

Nutan Chandra
Rutland Street

Beavers help the environment

To the Editor:

I am a resident of Maple Street and live not far from the beaver lodge that lies by the culvert of that road. The beavers that lived there had been cited as a health risk, yet these beavers are still too valuable an asset to lose. Although there are claims that the beavers have increased the local water level, the truth is that I have lived here since before the beavers were present, and my family's backyard had flooded numerous times before the beavers ever started building dams on Maple Street. In fact, it has flooded less since the beavers. The people of Maple and Brook Streets have to come to grips with the fact that this is a flood zone, and no amount of dam breaching can stop that. My parents, when they bought this house, were even told it was a 100-year flood zone.

The resident beavers are also a boon to this area, as described by the MSPCA web site. The beavers actually help the environment by slowing the flow of water, which increases water quality, as well as creating rich wetlands which can house any number of creatures from turtles to deer. This makes the whole environment more prosperous. Even if some action should be taken to control water levels, trapping beavers is not an option. The Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management explains that relocating an animal is quite possibly fatal for both the animal that is relocated and her motherless young. This is especially true near wintertime, since the animal will have no time to find food and shelter. The previous trapping that took place was authorized during September, a terrible month to begin trapping. We really can't afford to continue to trap beavers annually, especially since studies mentioned by the MSPCA show that trapping can actually stimulate population growth in beavers by causing the beavers to produce more young. By trapping these beavers, we are only hurting the environment and the beavers, so it would really be best if we could just learn to live with them.

Matthew Patterson
Maple Street

Support the Gleason Library

To the Editor:

You will be receiving the annual membership appeal letter in the mail next week to join the Friends of the Gleason Public Library. The Friends are a fun and energetic group of volunteers whose goal is to support and enhance the library. Primarily through the annual membership drive, the Friends raise additional funds for the library. This provides funding for museum passes, children's programs, additional books and multimedia resources, and other projects which are not ordinarily funded through town appropriations. In addition, the Friends sponsor and organize a variety of community events and activities throughout the year like author lectures and book signings, Harry Potter party, community pot luck supper, book discussion group, used book sale and Art at the Gleason.

If you are interested in heading an adult or youth book group, helping in organizing or participating in one of our events, or have ideas for new programs that you would like to see offered at the library, please feel free to contact me at: The Friends are also looking for additional volunteers, so make sure to check the appropriate box on the membership form and fill in your e-mail address, and we will get in touch with you.

Finally, in a small town like ours, the library is an integral part of the community. So please consider being a Friend of the Gleason Public Library and helping support the valuable resources and activities that it provides.

Anjli Trehan,
Board member
Friends of the Gleason Public Library

Town Clerk thanks all who helped Election Day run smoothly

To the Editor:

With turnouts averaging over 75% for the recent elections, it is fair to say the two elections last Tuesday were enormously successful. Thanks to all who took time to come cast your votes. Special recognition should be given to our team of loyal and devoted election workers who performed their duties with professionalism, diligence and thoroughness.

I would like to extend special thanks to the two sets of Election Wardens, Eva Herndon and Ray Taylor on the State Election and Kerri Piette and Priscilla Dumka on the Town Election. We are also fortunate to have the dedicated registrars Cynthia Schweppe and Seba Gaines, who put in many hours signing the multitude of absentee ballots. Cynthia's work as "guide" on Election Day helping voters find the correct places to line up to vote hopefully made all of you feel very welcome. To Connie Metivier who, as Election Clerk, worked beside me to tally up the blocks and account for all 5,112 ballots until almost 3 a.m., thanks for your hard work. Assistant Town Clerk Irene Blake and our extraordinary volunteer, Ann Wright, worked behind the scenes for weeks preparing for the big day and deserve thanks as well. Also, thanks to Rachel Dumka for spending several hours last Saturday helping her mother, Priscilla, and me prepare the check-in and check-out books for the two elections.

Though there was a lot of apprehension and many, many long hours of work before Election Day, I never doubted that this unusual effort of having dual elections would be a huge success. Carlisle has proven to be a town with a sincere interest in exercising the right to vote and this attitude makes all the hard work meaningful.

Thank you again for your patience and your participation. I look forward to seeing you all again next May at our Annual Town Election. Please contact my office if you would like to volunteer at future elections; I think you will find the work to be very satisfying.

Charlene M. Hinton, Town Clerk
East Street

Center Park update

To the Editor:

It was just wonderful to have the nine middle school musicians play for our ParkFest inauguration on October 21. We want to thank them and also Gary Davis and the DPW crew who have worked carefully to prepare the site for the next phase by removing dead trees, brush, and invasive plants. The improvements are worth stopping by to see.

While the site is town-owned, the Friends of Carlisle Center Park must raise the funds to create the park. We have been fortunate to have received a very generous lead gift of $10,000 to kick off the campaign. Now, with other leadership donors we have a challenge of $25,000 to build momentum toward our $70,000 goal. We hope very much that everyone in the community will want to participate in creating our beautiful park.

For our latest news, visit the town web site at which includes the park design, the Mosquito article, "How a parking lot became Center Park," and contact information.

Susan Pepple, ParkFest Chair
Friends of Carlisle Center Park
Nathan Lane

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