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Friday, November 17, 2006

COMING THROUGH. John Charkoudian tries to dribble past Barry Ohs in the adult basketball program offered by the Recreation Commission. (Photo by Lois d'Annunzio)
Near the entrance to Rachel "Pagey" Elliott's home on River Road stands a tall pole crowded with narrow, wooden signs shaped like arrows, pointing in all directions. Painted brown with white lettering, the arrows are reminiscent of the type of signs found along hiking trails, showing the name of and distance to various destinations. The arrows point ...more

A minute piece of asbestos found between gaskets inside the school's old boiler is enough to require the heating system to be dismantled by a professional hazardous material contractor. Installation of the new boiler system will be delayed by several weeks as a licensed subcontractor is hired to contain the area around the boiler with polyethylene, remove ...more

Larry Bearfield, an owner of Ferns Country Store, was before the Selectmen on November 14 to renew his liquor license and explain why his establishment is still not selling wine and malt liquor a year after their initial license was issued. A plan to provide indoor seating in what is now an unused garage next door has mired the store in a no-man's land between ...more

When two years of intermittent prodding failed to bring remedial action for an encroachment on Town of Carlisle Conservation Land, the Conservation Commission (ConsCom) issued a formal Notice of Violation. Buttrick Lane residents Maria and Kevin Balboni were reminded in a communication dated October 16 that grading, landscaping and construction of a swing ...more

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