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Friday, November 10, 2006


Five years after the events of September 11, Franco-American relations remain strained. Here in Carlisle foreign language enrollment shows an increase in Chinese and Spanish while the French language numbers wane. Chinese is emerging as the most important business language to learn tomorrow, and Spanish represents the largest second language spoken in the ...more

Unless Carlisleans were active in the military or are dependents of a veteran, they may be unaware that the town has a Veterans' Agent. He is Kenneth Buffum of Billerica, a former World War II Navy man, who has served as Carlisle's agent and Billerica's Director of Veterans' Services for 28 years. Since he has no office in Carlisle, we met at Town Hall where ...more

As King Arthur would have you believe, there are certain rules at work in the kingdom of Camelot, particularly in regard to its climate. July and August cannot be too hot, for example. Winter is forbidden to arrive until December, and even then there are legal limits for snowfall. It never rains until after sundown, morning fog disappears by eight a.m., and ...more

There are giants in Carlisle. Earlier in the year we had the Giant Ichneumon Wasp. Last week's Giant Water Bug is followed by the Giant Leopard Moth which is Hypercombe scribonia, previously known as Ecpantheria scribonia. It is a member of the Arctiidae family, the tiger moths — I'm not sure what a leopard is doing in with the ...more

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