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Friday, November 10, 2006


Headlines from surrounding towns


A Carlisle woman was seriously injured in a 3-car accident at Barretts Mill and Lowell Roads in Concord last Thursday morning. (


Despite grumbling from members of an advisory committee and some White Pond residents, Concord town staff are finishing an RFP for the Concord section of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail.(

Acton Selectmen, "incensed" at what they see as an attempt to limit their input to a superfund site cleanup, have rewritten an agreement presented to them by the EPA."When you hear the word 'streamline,' it's code word for doing less," said a Selectman with experience in hazardous waste material cleanup.(

The town of Acton has begun its own investigation into whether developers of a 40B project earned profits over the 20% limit set by the law that allows them to circumvent local zoning. The town may eventually collect $763K from the developers if the state investigator general's charges prove valid. ("

Despite the looming specter of the Bedford High School project," and urging by FinCom to cut the surcharge in half, "Bedford voters this week opted to continue to pay an additional 3% on their property tax bills in support of the Community Preservation Act." (

Chelmsford Town Meeting has voted to take 15 parcels by eminent domain for easements for underground utility lines, to complete the Central Square project in the Town Center. The dog bylaws were also amended to include, "in addition to barking, the words 'untimely,' 'scratching,' and 'howling' to clearly denote what the bylaw prohibits."(

At an October meetiing of the Minuteman Advisory Group on Interlocal Coordination (MAGIC), local and state officials seemed agreed that "Chapter 40B is pretty much a nightmare,'" in the words of State Senator Susan Fargo and that "'zoning in Massachusetts is broken,'" (from MAGIC chair). They also criticized the state's management of transportation, and a Lincoln Selectman begged officials to pay attention to redevelopment at Hanscom Air Force Base.(


Littleton schools will respond quickly to the news the MSBA has 'money left over' from last year and want to fund renovations rapidly, especially those that would achieve energy savings. (

Opposition to a plan by the New England Forestry Foundation to harvest trees in Littleton has resulted in a revision of the original plan. (

A bill passed by the state House and soon to be signed by the Governor would allow the town of Lincoln to issue a single license to sell wine and beer, expected to be granted to the restaurant near the commuter rail station. (

Concord Selectmen have discussed trying to "solicit donations" from tax-exempt nonprofits with property in town, to provide financial relief for the town. (

Arborists are worried about fungi and a winter moth that threaten area trees, especially the Norway maple.( /fungus_flattens_foliage?mode=PF)

Three Concord firefighters have received Firefighter of the Year awards for an October 2005 rescue of canoeists in the Assabet river. (

Chelmsford Town Meeting has turned down a proposal to require the Town Manager to be appointed for a specific term. (

A Billerica group is "collecting signatures for a petition urging lawmakers to reject a ballot initiative that would allow voters to decide whether to overrule a 2003 court ruling legalizing same-sex marriages." [that is an anti-anti-gay marriage petition] (


A 15-year-old girl is facing assault and battery charges after police said she injured a 14-year-old girl in a fight" at a Billerica middle school, according to police. (

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