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Friday, November 10, 2006


Shorts from the Historical Commission, November 1

· Paint color. In the first of two public hearings, the commission approved the paint color, Country Redwood, for exterior doors (with the exception of the front door, which will remain natural) at the home of Jim and Karen Clemens at 75 Westford Street. The commission had previously approved the house colors.

· Renovation on Bedford Road. The second hearing was a continuation of a public hearing on renovations by Laura and Peter Chelton at 21-23 Bedford Road. Architect Holly Cratsley presented a revised model of the renovated house, according to suggestions made at the August Historical Commission meeting (See "Historical Commission approves Center Park, hears plans for historic house," Mosquito, September 15). Doors, windows and a dormer were discussed in an attempt to arrive at details of the renovation which seeks to convert the large barn into living space, among other changes. The commissioners recognized that most of the changes to the house would be visible in the back, whereas the front of the house would appear virtually unchanged.

The Cheltons announced that they have received a permit from the Board of Health for a four-bedroom house. The Historical Commission accepted the footprint of the house, although a further level of refinement is still required before the commission can give its full approval.

· Historical survey. The town-wide survey of historic properties still awaits a consultant to complete the study. Forty-one thousand dollars from the Community Preservation Act historic fund was approved at Spring Town Meeting for phase two of the survey. Advertising for a consultant has not been productive and no one had submitted a proposal. Other advertising venues were discussed.

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