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Friday, November 10, 2006


Winners in Carlisle: Democrats Patrick, Fargo, Kennedy, and sale of wine, beer
Loser again: Banta-Davis overrides

On an unusually warm Election Day, Tuesday, November 7, Carlisle voters started gathering early outside Town Hall, at 6:40 a.m. to be exact. Finally by 7 a.m., as Election Warden Eva Herndon announced the opening of the polls, the long line of voters that had assembled outside the building passed into Town Hall to cast their votes in the dual Town and State Elections. It took about one-half hour to clear the line, reported a poll worker on duty during the early morning shift.

State Election Results
There was a steady stream of voters throughout the day, with approximately 200 ballots cast per hour. The Town Election was held in the Parlin Room while, across the hall in the Clark Room, voters cast their ballots in the State Election. This was the second dual election to be held in Carlisle, the first to be held in the Town Hall. "The dual election was a tremendous undertaking," reports Town Clerk Charlene Hinton. "Even though people were coming in huge numbers most of the day (and night), everyone (workers and voters) worked well together to make the two elections run as smoothly as possible."

"No" to Banta-Davis Ballfields

In the Town Election, out of 3,336 registered voters, 2,487 participated (74%). Question 1, a Proposition 2 1/2 debt exclusion to finance development of athletic facilities on the Banta-Davis Land, which had already been rejected by Town Meeting, failed by 98 votes, -YES —1,184; NO — 1,282. Question 2, to finance artificial turf, lost with YES — 832; NO — 1,626.

State Election results

In the State Election, out of 3,404 registered voters, 2,625 participated (77%). Other big winners in contested races, besides those noted above, were DeNucci, Cahill, Galvin, and Coakley. (see tables.)

Beer and wine

Question 4, allowing the sale of beer and wine in Carlisle, passed in the state ballot - YES —1725; NO — 816. This was the second time voters approved the question. To permanently change the "dry" status of the town, it must pass a third time.

However, local businesses have been able to receive a state license to sell beer and wine ever since the question was first approved. If the question fails at the polls in the future, the license will be automatically terminated. Larry Bearfield has obtained a license from the state and approval of the license by the Board of Selectmen to sell beer and wine in a planned addition to Ferns Country Store. Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie explained that the license is due for renewal, and is also contingent on completion of construction.

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