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Friday, November 10, 2006

Thanks for a great Halloween

To the Editor:

Many, many thanks once again to all the great families in Tall Pines and in Carlisle Town Center for providing such a wonderful Halloween. It was a beautiful, warm night and thanks to the energy and generosity of these families many kids and adults from all over Carlisle could enjoy a fun, safe (and scary) Halloween. A lot of work goes into this fun night and a fair amount of cleanup happens the following day...(four bags of trash from Tall Pines...candy wrappers, bottles, costume parts, and one slipper!)

We really appreciate everyone's efforts and believe we are a lucky town to have two neighborhoods do all this work for the rest of the town.

Viki Woodworth
Fiske Street

School staff thanked

To the Editor:

In recent weeks, an unusually high number of unrelated traumatic events have befallen the Carlisle community — accidents, illnesses, scares. As a parent of a child at the Carlisle school, I have come to realize the extra burden that the adults who work with our children take on when bad things of all kinds happen. Not only the teachers and administrators but the school nurses, guidance counselors and support staff have focused their efforts recently on doing all they can to lessen the impact that sad and frightening events have on our children — whether they are directly involved or experiencing the events only through the ripple effect. I would like to publicly thank the many adults in the school community who have been putting in "emotional overtime" lately to try to help students through a particularly difficult period.

Nancy Shohet West
Bedford Road

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