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Friday, November 3, 2006


Would the desire of a blue-spotted salamander to live on the Benfield Land derail the will of thousands of Carlisleans to move ahead with affordable housing? On October 30, a Halloween-bedecked crowd voted for a compromise by approving Article 3. The result is a new configuration for the Benfield development that preserves salamander habitat by moving the ...more

Support for the proposal to expand recreation facilities on the Banta-Davis Land was not great enough to reach the required two-thirds majority when Article 1 was defeated by two votes at Special Town Meeting on October 30. ...more

Do Tuesday's local ballot questions mean anything now that the October 30 Town Meeting defeated Article 1, the proposal to expand recreation facilities on the Banta-Davis Land? The short answer is — maybe. According to Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie, because the ballot questions do not reference specific Town Meeting Articles, passage at Town Elections ...more

Change has been called the one constant in the field of computers, and that applies to the use of computers in education. Gene Warfel, director of Information Technology Services for Concord Public Schools and Concord-Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS), described recent upgrades and innovative uses of computers at the high school. ...more

Unlike the first three Articles at the Special Town Meeting on October 30, the 325 voters in the Carlisle School's Corey Auditorium passed both Articles 4 and 5 without debate. ...more

When Article 1 at the Special Town Meeting on October 30 fell just two votes shy of the two-thirds majority needed for passage, many wondered why there was no recount. The following day Town Moderator Tom Raftery explained, "A recount is appropriate if there is clearly a clerical error. I did check with [Town Clerk] Charlene [Hinton] as to whether there ...more

Is a lake creeping up on you? There is one stalking Gabrielle and David Dockterman and their neighbors on Russell Street. There may even be potential victims across town on Davis Road. If so, the uneasy homeowner should suspect that he or she is harboring a coven of devilish engineers — furry spooks with sharp teeth and impressive tails — but no ...more

The woes of the past summer's growing season led a delegation of Foss Farm community gardeners to deliver an appeal for help at the Conservation Commission's October 26 meeting. Spokeswoman Gale Constable began by thanking DPW Superintendent Gary Davis for keeping the access road passable through a very difficult year. As she described the situation, the flooding ...more

Clearly frustrated at the failure of Coventry Woods developer Mark O'Hagan to file a Notice of Intent covering his company's rapidly maturing plans for the 40B project off Concord Street, the Carlisle Conservation Commission (ConsCom) voted to send a letter expressing their heightened concern. The communication will be delivered not only to the applicant, ...more

The review process for the contract of Carlisle School Superintendent Marie Doyle and the School District Goals for 2006-07 were the subjects of a "retreat" held by the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) at the Gleason Library on October 25. Although posted as an open meeting, the format was a departure from the usual. Held as a replacement for their ...more

· High pH and nitrates in wastewater. Carlisle Business Manager Heidi Zimmerman reported a "one-time event" regarding the new Wastewater Treatment facility. A report of high levels of nitrates and "effluent," she explained, was issued from Weston and Sampson, the company that monitors the Wastewater Treatment Facility. ...more

Lack of adequate space has long been a concern of administrators at the Concord-Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS), and the topic was explored again at the Regional School Committee (RSC) meeting on October 24. ...more

If there is anyone who knows more about what has been going on at the polls in Carlisle for the past 42 years, it certainly has to be former Election Warden Harriet Fortier. After a case of double pneumonia over the summer which put her in the hospital for 15 days, Fortier decided it was time to ease off on some of her usual activities in town, which included ...more

There will be two separate elections held on Tuesday, November 7. The polls will open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. ...more

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