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Friday, November 3, 2006


If there is anyone who knows more about what has been going on at the polls in Carlisle for the past 42 years, it certainly has to be...more

Black bears fear people — and other bear facts

With all the recent sightings and talk about the black bear in town, it seemed to be time to interview the responsible authorities to get the facts on black bears. We asked for advice on how people can safely co-exist with black bears in Carlisle, and gathered many helpful observations and tips that may prove reassuring and useful to the Carlisle community. ...more

All of the accounts of bullying described below were shared by the parents of the children involved and happened over the last several years at the Carlisle School. I hope that some of you may take this, read it to your children tonight, and discuss it with them. ...more

While checking on our green frogs in our backyard fish pond on October 22, my granddaughter Elisabeth caught a huge bug in her net. Usually interested in creatures, she let out a shriek when she reached in the net and encountered this large mysterious bug. "Looks like a cockroach," was one adult comment. ...more

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