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Friday, November 3, 2006


ConsCom concerned over Coventry Woods

Clearly frustrated at the failure of Coventry Woods developer Mark O'Hagan to file a Notice of Intent covering his company's rapidly maturing plans for the 40B project off Concord Street, the Carlisle Conservation Commission (ConsCom) voted to send a letter expressing their heightened concern. The communication will be delivered not only to the applicant, but also to the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Board of Selectmen.

The intent of the letter, as discussed at the commission's October 26 meeting, was to emphasize their deepening apprehension over the fact that the commission has not been provided with engineering plans for a project they believe could be difficult to approve as it presently exists. At the Thursday session, Chairman Roy Watson said, "All parties concerned need to understand that there is a serious review process that needs to be completed" before the required Order of Conditions can be drafted for the 41-unit project. He added that he was disturbed that final determinations were being made on several complex issues without consideration of ConsCom's legal responsibilities under the Wetland Protection Act.

The letter can be expected to cite previous warnings that were given at the time the official wetland delineations marking the commission's areas of jurisdiction were accepted and when ConsCom okayed plans for installation of a five-acre water-testing site in June of 2005, and again when they renewed that permit in June of 2006. On each occasion, records show that O'Hagan and other company representatives were warned that "these actions in no way imply approval of the overall construction plans," and that, in fact, the commission felt there were potential problems in the realms of storm water management and drainage.

The same warnings were reinforced when the applicant offered a "concept plan" at ConsCom's September 7 meeting. At that time O'Hagan was told, "In light of the amount of construction envisioned to take place within the wetland buffer zone, the commission could well have issues" to negotiate before approval could be voted, and he was advised to file an NOI as soon as possible. (See "Conscom seeks wetland filing for Coventry Woods 40B," Mosquito, September 15, page1.) As we go to press, the letter is reported to be in the mail.

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