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Friday, October 27, 2006


There are only five Articles on the Warrant for the Special Town Meeting on Monday, October 30, but discussion may take awhile. The first two Articles relate to the construction of athletic facilities on the Banta-Davis Land, a modified version of the proposal that passed Town Meeting last spring but was narrowly defeated at the polls. The third article seeks ...more

Have you ever driven down Church Street on a fall afternoon and encountered streams of youngsters running, jogging and walking between the Carlisle Public School and Spaulding Field? The 1.8-mile course for the school's cross-country team is up and down and then up again on Church Street. The cross-country team is the largest team at the school, with over ...more

With some reservations, the Finance Committee (FinCom) voted on Monday, October 23 to support the financing of playing fields for Banta-Davis (Articles 1 and 2) at the Special Town Meeting October 30. In discussion, some members expressed concern that the issue was being rushed to voters with inadequate consideration of the town financial plan or of the possibility ...more

An alert preschool teacher and immediate police response may have averted a serious problem on October 19. Barely a week after the Carlisle School had gone through an emergency lockdown procedure drill, a Red Balloon teacher noticed an unknown adult man, who had been sitting on a granite bench outside the school, get up and go inside the First Religious Society ...more

The Carlisle Public School had a quick response to the October 19 incident in which a man was questioned by Carlisle Police for loitering around both the school and the neighboring Red Balloon preschool. (See "Police queston man loitering by schools," page 1.) ...more

While the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) received what Chair Cindy Nock called "lots of information" about the Coventry Woods development at its public hearing on Monday, October 16, the focus of the meeting ended up being more about process than content. At various points throughout the evening, the board, the developer, the abutters and ...more

Frustration was evident at the October 23 Planning Board meeting during discussion of process and progress on the Chapter 40B condominium development on Concord Street. Board Chair David Freedman summarized prior efforts to communicate the board's concerns to the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) and to get a meaningful response. The ZBA has a public hearing scheduled ...more

Wilkins Hill Realty had requested an informal discussion and the Planning Board acquiesced by placing the topic on its October 23 agenda. Chair David Freedman explained the rationale, "This is not a formal public hearing on the developmentthe board encourages receipt of as much information as possible [on a developer's plans]." Stamski ...more

Articles approved: The Board approved all five articles for the Special Town Meeting on Monday, October 30. (For details, see "Town Meeting to vote on athletic facilities and housing," page 1) ...more

Wireless Special Permit Public Hearing Representing T-Mobile, a wholly owned subsidiary of Omnipoint Communications, Adam Brailland and Sean Reid submitted supporting documentation for the application for a special permit. The special permit falls under Section 5.9 of the Carlisle Zoning Bylaws, to install, operate and maintain ...more

Results of this spring's 2006 MCAS tests released last week show Carlisle students continue to score at a high level, with scores this year roughly comparable to previous years. ...more

It was announced at the October 18 Carlisle School Committee (CSC) meeting that the Carlisle School Association (CSA) has given $13,206 in teacher/staff grants to the school. The money, raised by CSA memberships as well as fundraisers, will allow the school to purchase many requested "enrichment" items for all areas of the school. ...more

On October 2, the FinCom had sent Allen Deary, Chair of the Recreation Committee (RecCom), a letter asking him to defend the need for fields and to clarify some issues. In particular, they asked for the long-range plan for recreation and its eventual costs, and for explanations of how Carlisle is coordinating with Concord in satisfying field needs, and whether ...more

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