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Friday, October 27, 2006


I really love our neighborhood, the "U" formed by Tophet and Carleton Roads off East Riding Drive. It is a neighborhood of 22 homes of various designs ranging from Colonial to contemporary, and a new construction underway. ...more

I've come to the conclusion that Mothers' Day should be moved to late October. ...more

I'm looking around for someone to blame for my nine-year-old son's avid interest in football. Is it Tom Brady for making the Patriots really exciting to watch during Super Bowls? Is it Madden for lending his name and commentary to a very cool computer game? Is it local camps that offer Flag Football? Last year I thought if I signed him up for Pop Warner, he ...more

The natural landscaping around Carlisle is beautiful. Most homes have conventional suburban landscapes consisting of foundation plantings, lawn, planting beds and ornamental trees. In my opinion, however, it is the surrounding native vegetation that really frames the home and provides year-round visual interest. It would be wonderful if these woodland borders ...more

This time of year you are likely to see all manner of shocking things — whether part of Halloween celebrations or election campaign tactics. There is a man buried head-first up to his waist on the corner of Church Street and School Street. If he wasn't wearing sneakers and was buried up to his ankles, he might resemble my topic for this week. Dead Man's ...more

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