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Friday, October 27, 2006


Shorts from the Planning Board, October 23

Wireless Special Permit Public Hearing Representing T-Mobile, a wholly owned subsidiary of Omnipoint Communications, Adam Brailland and Sean Reid submitted supporting documentation for the application for a special permit. The special permit falls under Section 5.9 of the Carlisle Zoning Bylaws, to install, operate and maintain a personal wireless communication facility at 871 Bedford Road on and adjacent to the previously permitted 189-foot monopole tower, owned by Bay Communications, LLC. The board responded to the applicant's request to waive the $7,500 project review fee. Having considered "likely issues" with the application, the board voted to reduce the fee to $2,000.

Copies of the redacted lease agreement with the present cell tower owner were reviewed. In response to technical questions about the installation, Brailland and Reid indicated that the T-Mobile installation will involve three antenna panels within the monopole structure centered at the 159-foot height along with base transformers, battery backup and a GPS antenna on an eight-foot x 10-foot prefabricated concrete pad within a fenced enclosure. Brailland stated that three additional antenna sites are being considered in Carlisle. Maps showing possible locations were included with the application material now on file at the Town Offices.

The board voted to approve the special permit with a set of conditions, including: notice of the need for an "as-built" plan, yearly general liability insurance certificate to be submitted to the building inspector, assurance that the redacted portions of the lease agreement relate only to financial considerations, establishment of a cash escrow account to cover facility removal ($13,000), and assurance that nothing in the installation or the lease agreement conflicts with the court order that led to the approval of the original cell tower.

Benfield Task Force. After discussion the board voted to support the Task Force's Warrant Article to be included in the October 30 Special Town Meeting.

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