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Friday, October 27, 2006


Wilkins Hill plans evolve

(Map prepared by Hal Shneider)
Wilkins Hill Realty had requested an informal discussion and the Planning Board acquiesced by placing the topic on its October 23 agenda. Chair David Freedman explained the rationale, "This is not a formal public hearing on the development the board encourages receipt of as much information as possible [on a developer's plans]." Stamski and McNary engineer George Dimakarakos made a presentation showing the division of land into 21 ANR (Approval Not Required) lots as endorsed by the board on September 27 as well as a new "Conceptual Subdivision Plan" dated October 16, 2006.The conceptual plan shows two subdivision roads and 35 house sites. The plan shows one road entering Route 225 at the Cross Street intersection and the other entering Route 225 near the house lot at 546 Westford Street. Robert West (Concord Street) stated that he is a partner in Wilkins Hill Realty and that the proposed intersections are flagged.

Dimakarakos emphasized the advantage of two subdivision roads rather than 20 driveway cuts onto Route 225 and called attention to a note on the plan: "This plan requires the following waivers to Carlisle Planning Board regulations governing the subdivision of land:

A) Section 2.B.5. grade at intersection near Cross Street is greater than 5%.

B) The Easterly intersection with Westford Street needs to be regraded to comply with Section 2.B.5. or a waiver is required."

The board, Dimakarakos and West agreed that scheduling a site visit would be desirable. Freedman asked that the developer continue to keep the board informed as the project plans evolve.

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