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Friday, October 27, 2006


Carlisle School responds to suspicious person

The Carlisle Public School had a quick response to the October 19 incident in which a man was questioned by Carlisle Police for loitering around both the school and the neighboring Red Balloon preschool. (See "Police queston man loitering by schools,")

Police met with Crisis Team

"The police called to notify us about the suspicious male after the lunches and recess were done," explained Superintendent Marie Doyle in an e-mail. "Chief Sullivan and an officer came to meet with us [the Crisis Team] and share the information garnered."

Students warned

After the meeting, the Crisis Team created a procedure plan for school release in the afternoon. Each class and homeroom met to discuss the situation, "guiding the students with explicit steps," explained Doyle. "The staff spoke to students and conveyed safety tips for traveling between school and home." She continued, "Our goal was to make sure that our students know about 'stranger dangers' and had the necessary information prior to dismissal." The elementary students were "just reminded about traveling safely," explained Doyle in a follow-up phone call. "The older students were given more information," she said, because they were more likely to be walking alone after school.

"I know some students left upset" on Thursday, Doyle said. "Counselors were on 'stand by' the next day," she added, but the students exhibited normal behavior.

School bus mix-up

School buses were delayed to allow the teachers time to address students concerns. One class of elementary students who were playing games on the plaza to pass the time while waiting for the delayed buses missed getting on their buses, Doyle said, which resulted in the school office asking the buses to return mid-route to pick up the students.

Parents notified

Carlisle School parents received an e-mail describing the incident around 3:10 p.m. In the future, Doyle said, they would consider using the "Quick Notify" automated phone system to alert parents. "It was a short window of time," she explained, from when the police informed them to when they notified parents via e-mail. The Quick Notify is still being set up with new phone numbers and they felt it would be quicker to use e-mail.

Doyle concluded, "I commend the Crisis Team for their quick response, clear information and great teamwork."


Police Inspector Scott Barnes said photos of the man and car in question were shared with schools and daycare centers in town, with the request that the police be notified if the man is seen at a Carlisle school again. It was not meant for public distribution, but an unofficial copy was somehow obtained by school parents and circulated via e-mail.

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