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Friday, October 20, 2006


The Mosquito dined out Tuesday night right here in Carlisle — at the incomparable Sixth-Grade Spaghetti Supper. ...more

The monumental and tragic Columbine shooting of 1999 was just one of the many shocking school shootings in U.S. history. Last year, in the Red Lake massacre in Minnesota, the security guard at the metal detector in the front of the school was the first of seven victims to be shot that day by a male student. ...more

Residents on their way to a talk or meeting in the Hollis Room at the Gleason Library will have noticed 15 pieces of work adorning the stairwells. These pictures, all worthy of hanging in a public area, were completed by students attending the Carlisle Public School in both the elementary and middle schools. ...more

Name. There are 19 genera of true toads and only one, Bufo, is found in our area. Fowler's toad is Bufo fowleri. It used to be considered a sub-species of Woodhouse's toad so it appears in some books as Bufo woodhousei fowleri. Bufo is the Latin word for toad and fowleri refers to the Massachusetts ...more

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