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Friday, October 20, 2006


Shorts from the Board of Selectmen, October 10

· Promotion. Scott Barnes of the Police Department was promoted to sergeant with a unanimous vote. The promotion was based on test results. Stevenson noted the department has been recently operating with only two sergeants and this promotion gives "leadership on all shifts."

· CCF funds portable toilet. It was reported the Carlisle Conservation Foundation is paying to have a portable toilet installed behind Ferns. At the hearing for the Center Park renovation project the week before, neighbors complained about immodest behavior resulting from the absence of toilet facilities in the Town Center. Tim Hult expressed his satisfaction with the CCF decision, "That's one thing that came out of the (Center Park) discussion that was of concern."

· Benfield motion. The motion for the Benfield CPA passed with three pro and one abstention.

· Resignations. The resignations of Susan Evans from the Carlisle Youth Commission and Gordon Means from the Conservation Restriction Advisory Committee were accepted.

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