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Friday, October 13, 2006


When Police Chief John Sullivan opened his e-mail inbox Tuesday morning, subject lines included "Homeland Security," "emergency training," "SWAT team organization." In fact, half his 20 messages were related to emergency preparedness. "It's pretty big," he says of the chunk that emergency tasks take out of his day. ...more

As Rocky Point, the first 40B development in Carlisle at 302 Lowell Street, nears completion, the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) invited residents and involved parties to last Thursday's meeting to hear their feedback and to determine if the ZBA is needed to help expedite or resolve issues in order to help bring the project to completion. ...more

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue has announced dollar-for-dollar matching grants to communities which have collected property tax surcharges under the Community Preservation Act (CPA) for FY06, and Carlisle has been awarded a matching grant of $282,735. CPA funds may be used for open space and historic site preservation, public recreation and affordable ...more

Why does the town need to build more playing fields? To answer that question, Recreation Commission (RecCom) Chair Allen Deary presented data to the Finance Committee (FinCom) both by e-mail and at the October 4 FinCom meeting to address the upcoming Warrant Articles relating to the construction of new recreation facilities on the Banta-Davis Land. The FinCom ...more

Options exist for those Carlisle seniors struggling with high property taxes. However, for residents who don't meet stringent limits on income and assets, a choice may be necessary between staying in a current Carlisle home and retaining substantial equity to pass down to heirs. ...more

On October 10, the Selectmen voted to accept a conservation restriction (CR) on the Hilton land at 70 Lowell Street (see "Hiltons offer CR" Mosquito, October 6). Dave Kelch of the Conservation Restriction Advisory Committee presented the proposal, noting the restriction would "protect an important piece of the Town Center and guarantee it will ...more

Patrice Hurley, Carlisle's new Elementary School principal, described herself as someone who has always valued teamwork. Before coming to Carlisle she was the assistant principal for the Sudbury Middle School for five years. She is also a former social studies teacher, having taught in Newton, Belmont, Brookline and Groton for many years. Hurley attended Regis ...more

Karen Slack joined the Carlisle Public School on August 1 as the new director of student services. Her first day was not a lazy summer day — two hours after starting her job she was interviewing potential special educators and aides. But she had spent a full day in July with Linda Stapp and though she said it was "hard to follow in the shoes of ...more

At the October 4 Carlisle School Committee Meeting, member Christy Barbee asked School Superintendent Marie Doyle to speak regarding security at the school in light of the recent school shootings in the country. The administration is updating the Carlisle Public School Crisis Management Plan, and Elementary School Principal Patrice Hurley said they have worked ...more

Petition signed by 80. The Carlisle School Committee (CSC) meeting began with a ten-minute comment period. Laura Snowdon of Bellows Hill Road praised Middle School Principal Paul Graseck regarding his handling of bullying cases. Peg Gladstone of Curve Street brought a petition, signed by 80 citizens, voicing support for the administration and ...more

Over the course of 21 years, Bonnie Jacobellis has tried without much success to run a horse boarding business on the 4-1/2-acre grounds of her home at 164 Fiske Street. In 1985, she was granted a special permit to board four horses, but it was subsequently denied when it came up for renewal in 1986. Strong opposition from abutters who complained of auditory ...more

What began as a difference of opinion between the Board of Health (BOH) and the Personnel Board became a heated discussion that eventually ended without resolution at the October 3 BOH meeting. The board had asked members of the Board of Selectmen and the Personnel Board to its meeting to try to resolve their differences so the BOH can obtain approval for ...more

Middlesex, ss. ...more

Due to concerns that the proposed Coventry Woods revised septic system could have an impact on the wells of abutting property owners, the Carlisle Board of Health (BOH) decided to recommend that developer Mark O'Hagan install a water quality monitoring well downhill from the largest of the three septic systems for the 41-unit development proposed for 21 acres ...more

Land use

State Inspector General Gregory W. Sullivan is investigating whether excess profits in 40B developments are being shared appropriately with towns. ( law_violators?mode=PF) ...more

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