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Friday, October 13, 2006


Shorts from the Carlisle School Committee, October 4

Petition signed by 80. The Carlisle School Committee (CSC) meeting began with a ten-minute comment period. Laura Snowdon of Bellows Hill Road praised Middle School Principal Paul Graseck regarding his handling of bullying cases. Peg Gladstone of Curve Street brought a petition, signed by 80 citizens, voicing support for the administration and the teachers: "The Carlisle Public School has a new, highly experienced administrative team. Our teachers remain among the best in the Commonwealth. What's more, our children are at the desks learning. The school year is now. So let's move on. Let's give this great, new community the chance to perform — the chance to demonstrate excellence."

Tech conference. Superintendent Marie Doyle and Technology Specialist Cyd McCann attended the MASS Technology Conference in Worcester. In a presentation they discussed the "consultative model" in which teachers and technology specialists work together to bring technology into the curriculum.

Superintendents conference. Doyle is one of ten superintendents from Massachusetts invited to attend an Advanced Leadership Development seminar. In the recent Carlisle School Buzz, Doyle explains: "Superintendents from five northeastern states will meet at various times throughout the year to work with an elite group of university faculty and educational leaders, beginning with Columbia University. The first seminar takes place this Thursday through Saturday, and I am looking forward to learning more about effective leadership, collaborating with leaders throughout the Northeast and applying best practices to my work in Carlisle."

Discipline. As an example of dealing with discipline issues in the lunch room, two supervised lunch tables were used, Middle School Principal Paul Graseck reported. He said that discipline was being "done in compassion," with clear explanations and expectations. A discipline issue occurred recently on a bus, he reported, and a letter was sent home to the parents of the students on the bus.

Bullying program. In discussing the "bullying" program, committee member Michael Fitzgerald asked Graseck if the school was reaching out to parents to learn how parents perceive the new program. "That's a good idea," responded Graseck. CSC member Christee Barbee suggested it would be helpful to "let parents know what kind of language we are using."

Eighth grade trip. Graseck and eighth-grade special educator Joan Beauchamp discussed the options for the 2007 eighth-grade trip. Graseck explained to the school committee that the trip is a chance for the class to spend time together before entering high school. Both Fitzgerald and CSC Chair Nicole Burkel, saying the trip should be educational, expressed concerns that one day of the two-day trip would be spent at Six Flags. It was decided more details of the trip plan would be presented to the school committee on October 18.

Boiler replacement. Eight bids ranging from $227,000 to $330,400 were received for the "Wilkins Building Boiler Replacement" project, reported Carlisle School business manager Heidi Zimmerman. Five of the bid totals were close, around $270,000. The lowest bid was $40,000 lower than the next, a span that concerned Zimmerman. She said the company, E. Amanti, has a successful construction record. She will be careful, she said, to present a contract that assures the project is done correctly.

Library gift. A $485 gift for the school library was accepted from Dale Ryder of Lowell Street. The money was donated at her fortieth birthday party.

Live broadcast from Corey Auditorium? Laura Chelton of Old North Road, filming the meeting for the Concord-Carlisle TV (CCTV), suggested the CSC move future meetings to the Clark room at the Town Hall so the meeting could be broadcast live. She said families with small children find it hard to come to the Wednesday night meetings, but could follow the issues by watching a live broadcast. Moving the meetings to the town hall would involve moving materials, Fitzgerald noted. After a discussion, the CSC suggested upgrading the Corey Auditorium to allow a live broadcast. Research on possible grants will be investigated.

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