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Friday, October 13, 2006


Rocky Point (aka Laurel Hollow) nears completion

As Rocky Point, the first 40B development in Carlisle at 302 Lowell Street, nears completion, the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) invited residents and involved parties to last Thursday's meeting to hear their feedback and to determine if the ZBA is needed to help expedite or resolve issues in order to help bring the project to completion.

The Rocky Point or "Laurel Hollow" project (as it was formerly called) was originally proposed in 2003 by developer Michael Kenny, but was subsequently delayed because of financial constraints. In 2005, the 40B project application was before the ZBA again — eight duplexes on four acres, two units deemed "affordable" — this time with a new name (Rocky Point) and construction manager, Michael Harrington, who hoped the project would finish within a year. The ZBA granted the 40B permit with an extensive set of conditions and the project commenced.

ZBA board members recently conducted an informal site walk to assess the project's progress. Chairperson Ed Rolfe commented that he "has the sense that things were working out cooperatively" and that the site had "very natural landscaping."

Today, all but one unit is occupied. The final open unit is awaiting an occupancy permit pending the closure of open items from the current residents and from Building Inspector John Minty, who is the "enforcer" of the ZBA project requirements. Minty has submitted his list of open items to Harrington, but has not yet received status from him. Harrington said he was currently putting a response and status list together for Minty and the board. Furthermore, Harrington stated that he received an e-mail from peer review engineers, Stamski & McNary, who claim the project is in compliance. Harrington cannot completely finish the project until the road is paved, which he would like to do after the last unit residents move in.

Linda Fantasia from the Board of Health commented that "all has gone well," and that they are waiting for a water-management plan from the applicant before signing off on the project and granting an occupancy permit for the final unit.

Overall, Rocky Point residents seem pleased with the project's progress, though some issues remain. Eve O'Keefe of 5 Rocky Point voiced her concerns about the runoff in the back of the development that she believes is creating stability issues with respect to the trees. She would like to see the hill stabilized. Harrington was aware of O'Keefe's concerns, but stated that he felt it was not an issue. All parties agreed, however, that engineering should take another look at the area to determine if additional work needs to be done.

The discussion was continued to the next ZBA meeting where Harrington would provide his status of currently open items.

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