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Friday, October 6, 2006


Shorts from the Regional School Committee, September 26

Lecture broadcasts. Concord-Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS) Principal Art Dulong told the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee (RSC) at their September 26 meeting about a new use of technology by Science Department Chair Ray Pavlik, who is "pod-casting" Earth Science classes all year. If students miss school due to illness, for example, they can listen to class lectures over the internet.

Alternative Program gift. The RSC graciously received a $5000 gift from Euclid Discoveries Chief Executive Officer Richard Wingard. Wingard praised Special Education's Alternative Program, saying it was the critical difference between success and failure for some students at the high school. This program provides services to students who are suffering from depression or anxiety disorders; some are "school-phobic." Social studies, applied science, contemporary literature and writing skills classes are offered through this program. Each class has a maximum size of 12 students.

Conference presentaion. Three Special Education Teachers, two Pathways students and two graduates of the Pathways Program will be presenting at the National Conference in November. Dulong says it's an honor to be showcasing the Pathways Program. This program is part of the Special Education Department which teaches life skills and study skills.

Athletic director wears two hats. Starting this fall, the CCHS athletic director will also be overseeing Concord's K-8 athletics programs. The position has been reorganized to meet current and emerging needs of the Concord Schools. There is already an athletic director at the Concord Middle Schools. Previously, the athletic director served CCHS exclusively and was paid out of the regional school budget. An 80/20 split of his time has been proposed so 20% of his salary, $15,000, will now come from the Concord Public School budget rather than the regional school budget.

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