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Friday, October 6, 2006


Concord-Carlisle High school enrollment climbs to 1264

Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS) Principal Arthur Dulong reported that as of September 11, enrollment at the high school stands at 1,264. "This is up 20 from last year at this time." Dulong said scheduling has been a challenge. Classroom usage is over 90%, and during one period, every single classroom is occupied.

CCHS running out of space

Dulong sited the difficulties of having an extra large sophomore class. Come spring, when the MCAS are administered, more space will be needed than last year. Students in special education will also need more space. He worries, "We may need to shut down [the rest of] school for this." He continued that the population may grow by another 20 students next year. "We will need to increase staff and we'll need another room. I see a greater crush next year." Presently, study halls are in the cafeteria; some have as many as 40 students.

"We've added two additional tutors this year. There are over thirty people associated with Special Education," says Dulong. "When I came to CCHS, the Special Education enrollment was at 108. It has grown to 150 over a five-to six-year periodWe need additional office space." People have to share offices in the special education and guidance departments. There are privacy issues caused by sharing offices.

RSC member Betsy Bilodeau said, "We've been talking for years now about space needs at CCHS. We should be a little bit more aggressive about this this year." RSC student member Hannah Braaten agreed, "Students feel the school is filling up."

The RSC talked about where a temporary classroom trailer might be accommodated. One idea was to place one in the courtyard outside the cafeteria. RSC member Michael Fitzgerald pointed out that a trailer had previously been used there.

Programs grow

Another effect of the greater population is that more students have signed up for music this fall. Music Director Al Dentino has had two jazz bands (A and B) for a few years. He had expected 20 students for the Jazz B Band, but 40 arrived. To accommodate this surge of interest, he has split the group, with each group meeting twice a week.

More students have signed up for athletics as well. The cross-country teams have increased to 115 students this fall. As Dulong points out, "They don't fit in two buses anymore." Nineteen freshmen went out for the volleyball team, so a new freshman team has been formed. Over 40 students are involved in the new Ultimate Frisbee Club. In addition, there is a sailing club which is supported by parents and a squash group. Dulong continued, "Kids are using the Beede Center to workout." One student with a knee injury has been using the pool for physical therapy.

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