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Friday, October 6, 2006


Planning Board approves Wilkins Hill ANR plan

George Mansfield, Planning Board Administrator, unfurled the summary sheet and the seven-sheet series of plot plans for ANR review (Approval Not Required) for Wilkins Hill at the Carlisle Planning Board's September 27 meeting. He repeated his earlier comment, "This is the largest development you've seen since Tall Pines." Represented were 94 acres divided into an array of 21 building lots with frontage on Curve Street and on Westford Street. There are eight conventional lots with 250-foot frontage and 13 "porkchop" lots (40-foot frontage and 4+ acres). One porkchop lot has its 40-foot frontage on Virginia Farme Road. The land has been owned by Grant Wilson and the applicant is WH Realty LLC, Douglas Edwards, and Gormley Nominee Trust. Three of the lots are in excess of six acres.

The most striking feature of the plans is the length of many of the 40-foot wide strips from the road frontage to the porkchop house sites. Several are over 2,000-feet long. Board member Peter Stuart quipped, "Those are half-mile long driveways." Also noted was the fact that much of the land is under Conservation Restriction (CR). Land areas so registered cannot be built upon. There are three permanent CRs granted to the Carlisle Conservation Foundation and one 30-year CR granted to the Town through the Conservation Commission. The 30-year CR expires on June 10, 2007. Several of the indicated house sites are proximate to CR areas. Notations on the plans indicate that the structures at 872 Westford Road will be razed.

Board member Greg Peterson asked of Mansfield, "Was there any comment from Stamski and McNary [the engineering firm that did the survey work] as to where this may be headed?" Mansfield replied, "No." The board noted that ANR plans sometimes represent a final division of land, while at other times they may be used for tax-planning purposes, or may be preparatory to requests for a private common driveway special permit, or a conservation cluster housing development.

After detailed review of features indicated on the plans, including frontage, practical access to the lots, acreage, indicated wetlands and location of CRs, the board voted to endorse the plans as Approval Not Required.

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