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Friday, September 29, 2006


How do the School Superintendent, the two Principals and the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) share the task of administering the town's school district? The many parents who attended the September 20 CSC meeting heard several speakers address this issue, of interest to many in recent months as the school has experienced a high turnover in the administration. ...more

Was it the two and a half years of spinning wheels? The continued calls to revisit and restudy? The broken Town Hall heat, keeping the room at 80 degrees? Whatever the reason, frustration was evident on all sides as the Benfield Task Force presented the Selectmen with an Article for the Warrant for the Special Town Meeting changing the configuration of the ...more

Four years ago, the towns of Carlisle and Concord voted different budgets for the Concord-Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS), necessitating a special Carlisle Town Meeting to resolve the difference. Since that time, the two towns have pledged to work together more closely, and on September 21, the Concord and Carlisle Selectmen, Finance Committees, and Concord ...more

The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) met Monday, September 25, to review new plans submitted by Mark O'Hagan for his proposed Coventry Woods development on Concord Street. The developer is seeking a comprehensive permit from the ZBA for a 41-unit 40B development on 21 acres that would provide a dozen units of affordable housing to the town. ...more

Total enrollment has dropped by 26 students, according to data presented at the Carlisle School Committee meeeting on September 20. Kindergarten class sizes have been smaller in recent years, but class sizes may grow later as families with older children move into town. In reviewing the grade-by-grade populations for the 2006-07 school year, a smaller ...more

Over the last two years, the Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS) Guidance Department has seen a number of its long-time veterans retire. Seven of the 11 counselors on their department list have been hired within the past two years. Many of the retirees had more than thirty years with the department. ...more

The first selection of interviews with new Carlisle School faculty and administrators were printed last week. More will appear in coming issues. ...more

Concord-Carlisle High School announced today that the following students have been named semifinalists in the 2007 National Merit Scholarship Program. Students from Carlisle are listed in bold: ...more

There will be two separate elections held on Tuesday, November 7, a Special Town Election and the Biennial State Election. Even though the elections are both on the same day and are held at the same location, they will be run as two entirely distinct elections. ...more

7:30 p.m. Town Hall

7:30 Personnel Policies (Selectmen) ...more

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