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Friday, September 29, 2006


On September 26, the Board of Selectmen gave final approval to the Center Park project. The small park on Lowell Street next to Ferns' garage, usually considered just a parking lot, will soon be beautified for the benefit of all Carlisleans. ...more

For the past several years, when I try to remove my triple-track storm windows for a rare washing, I find the tracks clogged with packed grass nests. Sometimes these wads of grass have nearly colorless crickets in them and some kind of cocoon. I have also found wasp bodies trapped between the windows, and now I have finally linked these all together. ...more

Summer vacation: traditionally an ideal time to travel to new places and try new activities. For those of us who attend professional conferences in the summer, it's also a chance to pick up new ideas and strategies — at least that's what I was hoping when I signed up for a five-day writers' conference. My writing had been going fairly well, but I had ...more

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