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Friday, September 29, 2006


O'Hagan rolls out revised plans for Coventry Woods

The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) met Monday, September 25, to review new plans submitted by Mark O'Hagan for his proposed Coventry Woods development on Concord Street. The developer is seeking a comprehensive permit from the ZBA for a 41-unit 40B development on 21 acres that would provide a dozen units of affordable housing to the town.

O'Hagan took board and audience members through the updated plans, which included a landscape plan and an irrigation plan, and reviewed his written responses to numerous questions and concerns that were detailed in memos sent to the developer by ZBA attorney Dan Hill. O'Hagan distributed copies of these and other requested materials. The ZBA hopes to receive comments from the various boards on the new version of the plan as well as from peer review engineer Jerry Preble of Beals and Thomas before the next meeting planned for the project in mid-October.

After consulting with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) regarding recently updated septic regulations, the developer has returned to the original plan of three septic systems (five systems were planned until recently). The systems will have mounding analysis, pressure dosing and pre-treatment of the effluent. The developer agreed to help fund a $35,000 escrow account to assist homeowners in the event that the water supply and/or septic system fails in the future and needs to be replaced.

An ad hoc committee of town boards and officials had asked O'Hagan to escrow $10,000 per well for 18 months after the development reaches full occupancy in order to cover potential expenses related to repairing or replacing any abutters' wells that might be adversely affected by the development. O'Hagan agreed to the $10,000 escrow but only for six months after the last certificate of occupancy is issued.

While the developer had previously agreed to test wells on eight abutters' properties, he stated that he would not install a monitoring well on the abutting property owned by John Wilson as had been requested by the committee.

As requested by the committee, the proposed project's landscaping plan now incorporates details intended to minimize water demand from the project such as drought-resistant plantings and collecting rainwater runoff from roofs in two cisterns for the irrigation system

The ZBA agreed to continue the public hearing on Coventry Woods to October 16.

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