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Friday, September 22, 2006


Shorts from the Planning Board, September 13

· Town Center Park. The Planning Board reviewed an application from Sabrina Perry for site plan approval of improvements to the town-owned land called Center Park on Lowell Street. Some of Perry's proposals include paving the small parking lot with Roma Pack and installing four granite posts connected to a timber fence to mark entrances to the park and parking lot. She proposed that signage for the park would appear on two of the granite posts, reading "Town of Carlisle" on one and "Center Park" on another. Three granite benches would be placed within the park and could be inscribed to memorialize or honor an individual.

Selectman Alan Carpenito reported that some people in the center have told him that they are concerned about "growth in the center" and "having seating in this park." He said that the current use of the property as a parking lot is good because it handles the parking overflow from other businesses in the center. As a park, he said, "it won't be used so much by locals but by people passing through. [There will be] more people, congestion and traffic if people hang around."

Several townspeople present were in favor of the park including Selectman Tim Hult, who said that all of the common areas in town are beneficial and provide an opportunity for people to walk around the center. Larry Bearfield of Ferns Country Store.

said that the proposed park would help to expand the center from just a rotary to "a place to go" and would be a great asset to the town.

Board members agreed to recommend that the Board of Selectmen approve the site plan for the Center Park and to share with Selectmen the feedback the board has received from other town boards and individuals who have commented on the project.

· Ash tree removal. The board approved the removal of a 40-inch ash tree within the right of way of Lowell Street at the entrance to the town-owned parking area (and proposed Center Park) under the provisions of the Scenic Roads Bylaw and the Public Shade Tree Act.

· Bylaw Correction. After discovering an omission in the new Wireless Bylaw approved at the spring Town Meeting, board members agreed to submit a correction to the Board of Selectmen so that it can be voted upon at Town Meeting this fall. The new bylaw is still not in effect because it has not yet been signed off on by the Attorney General.

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