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Friday, September 22, 2006


Shorts from the BOS, September 12

· Online registration. The Recreation Commission is planning to set up online registration for its programs, a move welcomed by the Selectmen. "It's a good opportunity to get collections quicker," said Selectman Bill Tice. Discussions centered on whether the town or RecCom would pay the initial software purchase and start-up costs and who would take care of ongoing maintenance expenses for Internet registration.

· Eagle Scout Project. Boy Scout Oliver Bojanic wants to add reflectors to some telephone poles and trees in town to improve safety as part of his Eagle Scout project. The trees are on River Road, and Maple, Cross, West, and Curve Streets and are in the town right-of-way. Police Chief Sullivan previously approved the reflectors and the BOS unanimously approved the project.

· Signage. Great Brook Farm State Park sought approval to update two direction signs for the park in Carlisle. One is on Westford Street, outside the Historical District, and one is at Lowell Street and the rotary. Selectmen approved the request to update the signs but said the park needs to get approval from the Historical Commission on its plans to move the sign on Westford Street closer to the center, inside the historical district.

· Resignations and appointments. The BOS received a letter of resignation from School Building Committee member Peter Stuart. Selectmen also received a letter of resignation from town Personnel Board member Mary Charnley.

Appointed to the Community Preservation Committee are Kent Gonzales, Sylvia Sillers, Steve Pearlman and Randy Laughlin.

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