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Friday, September 22, 2006


Carlisle road maintenance on track

Massachusetts has often been criticized for its stinginess in funding Chapter 90 for road and bridge maintenance. But according to the Boston Globe, ("State adds millions for bridges, roads" August 3), the state's cities and towns were pleased and surprised to find that an additional $55 million had been allocated for these projects above what had been expected. Based on a formula that took into account population, roadway miles and employment rates, Carlisle received $75,000 in additional funds

According to Public Works Chief Gary Davis, the DPW is now drawing up a list of projects to submit to the state. At the top of the list will be drainage repair and repaving of Stearns Street. Next will be repaving of one-half of River Road, with the rest of the list "under discussion." While funding does "bounce up and down now and then," Davis notes that "the last few years have been pretty good" and the town's road maintenance is more or less on track.

The Globe article notes that rising costs for asphalt and other materials will continue to provide challenges for road maintenance budgets over the next year.

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